amplify(target_success_probability, ...[, ...])

Return the number of trials needed to amplify current success_probability to target_success_probability

amplify_sigma(target_advantage, sigma, q)

Amplify distinguishing advantage for a given σ and q

babai(r, norm)

Babai probability following [EPRINT:Wun16].

conditional_chi_squared(d1, d2, lt, l2)

Probability that a gaussian sample (var=1) of dim d1+d2 has length at most lt knowing that the d2 first coordinates have length at most l2

drop(n, h, k[, fail, rotations])

Probability that k randomly sampled components have fail non-zero components amongst them.

gaussian_cdf(mu, sigma, t)

Compute the cdf of a continuous gaussian random variable with mean mu and standard deviation sigma (i.e. computes Pr(X <= t), where X is a gaussian random variable).

mitm_babai_probability(r, stddev, q[, fast])

Compute the "e-admissibility" probability associated to the mitm step, according to [EPRINT:SonChe19]