static DualHybrid.optimize_blocksize(solver, params: ~estimator.lwe_parameters.LWEParameters, zeta: int = 0, h1: int = 0, success_probability: float = 0.99, red_cost_model=<estimator.reduction.MATZOV object>, log_level=5, opt_step=8, fft=False)[source]#

Optimizes the cost of the dual hybrid attack over the block size β.

  • solver – Algorithm for solving the reduced instance

  • params – LWE parameters

  • zeta – Dimension ζ ≥ 0 of new LWE instance

  • h1 – Number of non-zero components of the secret of the new LWE instance

  • success_probability – The success probability to target

  • red_cost_model – How to cost lattice reduction

  • opt_step – control robustness of optimizer

  • fft – use the FFT distinguisher from [AC:GuoJoh21]


This function assumes that the instance is normalized. ζ and h1 are fixed.